Zoning Board of Adjustment 04/02/19

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Nominate Chair B Campbell & Alternates Approved 00:02:36

Also reappoint Raskow and Guza as alternates-Approved

Klemm 4-6 Mall Rd Approved 5/0 00:04:47

Klemm 4-6 Mall Rd Approved 5/0- Changeable electronic sign for fuel prices

Trull 121 Shore Dr Approved 5/0 00:18:24

Trull 121 Shore Dr Variance for setback issues to high water mark of Arlington Lake Approved 5/0 with 4 conditions

Metro Plaza 116 Pleasant St Approved 5/0 00:35:18

Metro Plaza 116 Pleasant St - Variance to convert existing print shop to office/retail/service use Approved 5/0

Zoning Matters Correspondence 01:01:22

Adjourn 01:01:54

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