Around Town Part 1: New England Authors & Publishers Expo

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Around Town Part 1: New England Authors & Publishers Expo We talk with Christopher P. Obert - Publisher of Pear Tree Publishing & Author who also created the New England Authors Expo, K. D. Mason's books are set in the New Hampshire Seacoast real locations are mentioned in the books but the name of the town is fictionalized "Rye Harbor NH". Mystery murder character profile. He currently has 10 books out with more to come. Harbor Ice Killer Run Changing Tides. We also talked with Salem NH area author F. B. Bennett who recently put out a book called "Trouble at Harry's - a comedy/drama based on the Market Basket Boycott of 2014" In addition to an inside story about the store chain and the Boycott of 2014, it is also a character profile of some of the employees & customers that were involved in some way with the event and the bond that was created during the boycott. "Written for employees and an employee". Videographer Olivia Martin.

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