Conservation Commission 11/4/2020

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Review of Minutes from 10/7/20 Pass 5/0/1 00:04:10

Town Forest-Debris left from Timber Harvest 00:06:08

Chips not used for energy anymore from one of their contacts

Conservation Commission Goals -Add bylaws update 00:24:21

Also easements are in system and updates

Review of Open Space Preservation Ordinance 00:25:57

Other- Emery Rd Trail Update Pass 6/0 01:01:21

Simple Plan for Emery Trail 6/0 01:37:56

Wooden street size sign - Ernie's Way Pass 6/0 01:42:28

NH Cert of Cons Comm Meeting 11/7 via Zoom 01:46:51

Scenic Overlook -Rail Trail Salem, NH 01:48:26

Updates to Conservation Land 01:56:19

Signage on Conservation Land Pass 6/0 01:59:09

Hawkins Post 206 Signage Pass 6/0

Adjourn 02:00:12

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