Board of Selectmen

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Upcoming Meetings 1/14 & 1/25 00:02:20

Approve Consent Agenda-Pass 3/0 00:02:52

Chair Comments-NH Senate Proclamation to Knights 00:04:17

NH Senate recognizes Knight of Columbus for 8000 pints of blood over the past 27 years.

Chris Goodnow Town Meeting/Elections 00:06:31

Decided on 2 Zoom meetings- 1 informational on Jan 30,2021 and one for voting Feb 6, 2021 and address email questions

Meeting Minutes Jan 4th Pass 4/0 00:43:34

Arlington Pond Drawdown 00:44:00

Bringing it down a little further than normal to treat Milfeule weed. Will actively monitor water quality - Approved

Rec Impact Fees to Rail Trail Phase VI 00:49:49

Community Development – Discussion on Re-Assigning Recreation Impact Fees from Phase 2 to Phase 6 Rail Trail Design $2102.43 Approved 4/0

Code Enforcement Update - Jacob Lafontaine 00:51:56

Code Enforcement Update- Jacob Lafontaine

Study Report of Council on Aging 01:05:41

Study Report of Council on Aging - Bill Scott

Public Safety Facilities -Remove article Pass 4/0 01:21:04

Public Safety Facilities Capital Reserve Fund Warrant Article Remove Article revisit in 2020 Pass 4/0

SPAA Tentative Agreement -Pass 4/0 01:26:40

Town Manager Report 01:29:25

2 Citizen Petitions - Water Improvement on Samoset Dr $4M and Library COLA increase $14,304

Going to Non-Public Session Pass 4/0 01:32:06

Adjourn 01:32:36

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