Board of Selectmen

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Minutes 1/25 Public & Non Public(1&2) Approved 4/0 00:01:56

Chairman Comments - None 00:02:55

Approve Consent Agenda -Approve 4/0 00:02:56

Public Hearing PPE Reimbursement-Pass 4/0 00:03:23

Public Hearing – Finance Department - Accept $59,734.82 from FEMA in 4516DR Disaster Funds for PPE, Sanitization Supplies, Food and Overtime Costs for Response to COVID Related Service Calls During April 2020 Approved 4/0

Request Authorize DBA Waiver-32 S Shore Rd Pass4/0 00:05:59

Request to Authorize Demand and Benefit Assessment Waiver – 32 South Shore Road Pass 4/0

Update on TM's salary action& text to Legal 3/1 00:09:33

Request of Selectmen Budget Committee Representative – Update on Town Manager’s Previous Salary Action and Recent Request for Budget Committee Meeting-includes text shown on TV- Send all info and unredacted text to Town Legal, Atty Gen, FBI & Dept of Justice 3/1

Final Discussion,2021 Warrant-No Further Changes 00:25:01

Final Discussion on 2021 Warrant-No Recommendation Changes

Town Manager Report 00:27:08

Town Manager Report- Talking with Dr. Delahanty regarding coalition to discuss any school funding changes. Tuscan BOS sub committe regarding MOU and financial impact, Keller & Stacey

Stacey asks-ambulance write-offs untimely filing 00:30:07

Stacey asks for list of ambulance write-offs due to untimely filing

Old Business/Tabled and Pending -None 00:30:59

Additions by Public or Board by Vote,None 00:31:01

Upcoming Meetings 2/22, 3/1, 3/15 00:31:14

3/15 will be a reorganization meeting

Adjourn 00:31:50

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