Board of Selectmen 3/1/2021

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Meeting Minutes Tabled 4/0 00:01:13

Chairman Comments Elections 3/9/21 00:01:35

Approve Consent Agenda Approve 4/0 00:02:07

$2000 from K of C to Special Olympics Pass 4/0 00:02:50

Community Services - Accept $2,000 Donation from Knights of Columbus for Special Olympics Pass 4/0

$1570 from NH Liquor to SPD Accept 4/0 00:04:47

Police Department – Accept $1,570.56 from NH Liquor Commission, Division of Enforcement and Licensing for Compliance Checks of Alcohol Sales Accept 4/0

Sidewalks Cluff Rd Approve support 4/0 00:07:02

Community Development - Discussion on Letter of Support to NH Department of Transportation for Sidewalk Improvements on Cluff Road for sidewalks on Cluff Rd Approve 4/0

Zoning Amendment Protest Petition Approve 4/0 00:10:56

Announce Receipt of Zoning Amendment Protest Petition Approve 4/0 Now it has to pass at the polls with 66%

Public Input on Depot Village Overlay Support 3/1 00:13:31

Opportunity for Public Input on Depot Village Overlay Ordinance Proposed Zoning Amendment- Support 3/1

Discussion on Temporary Outdoor Seating Pass 4/0 00:40:06

Polling Hours 7-7 on 3/9/21 00:44:07

Announce Polling Hours and Check Polls for March 9th Election and Ballot Voting 7-7 on 3/9/21

Town Manager’s Report 00:45:34

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from Board of Selectmen Ermer Rd/ Rte 11 Boat Ramp issues, Geremonty Dr /Vets Mem Pkwy

Old Business/Tabled and Pending-None 00:54:49

Additions and/or Requests by Public or Board-None 00:54:49

Adjourn 00:56:02

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