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Minutes March 1 Pass 4/0 00:01:29

Minutes March 1-Non Public Pass 4/0 (3 parts) Regular March 1 meet Pass 4/0

Chairman Comments-Recount 3/20 and meet on 3/22 00:02:51

Recount on Sat 3/20, at Senior Center at 9am Board Organizational meeting on Mon, 3/22 at 6pm

Approve Consent Agenda Pass 4/0 00:06:47

Announce Results of Town Meeting Warrant Articles 00:07:24

Thank You all for voting!

Armenian Awareness Day April 24 00:08:10

Discussion on Request to Raise Armenian Flag on April 23, 2021 as part of Armenian Day of Remembrance-Proclamation Pass 4/0 Next year working pn getting a pole and a policy and a flag

SFD & SPD Accept Gift Cards-Exchange Club Pass 4/0 00:24:04

Fire Department and Police Department – Accept Donations of Gift Cards Valued at $1,000 from Salem Exchange Club to Coffee Coffee

SFD Accept Gift Card Donations Pass 4/0 00:29:40

Fire Department - Accept Donation of Gift Cards • $300 to Market Basket from Mr. & Mrs. Orcillos • $25 to Market Basket from Ralph Spencer Family

Invasive Weeds at Arlington Pond Accept Report 4/0 00:30:53

Municipal Services - Discussion on Treatment of Invasive Weeds at Arlington Pond/Taylor Reservoir Accept Report 4/0

Municipal Services - Depot Construction Update 00:46:15

Town Manager’s Report-Covid Site at Mall 00:55:41

Discussions about a Designated Fund Raising Area at the Transfer Station

Update on Boat Ramp at Canobie 01:05:29

Update on Boat Ramp at Canobie and the Windham Vote to not allow out of towners to use their ramp. Will pursue another site in earnest

Upcoming Meetings March 22• April 5 • April 19 01:07:43

Upcoming Meetings -March 22 at 6pm • April 5, 2021 • April 19, 2021

Adjourn 01:08:27

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