Board of Selectmen 01/25/21

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Minutes Jan 11 Public & Non Public 4/0 Jan 14 4/0 00:01:39

Cathy Stacey made a few changes and then all minutes were approved

Chairman Comments 00:06:13

Various degrees of audio feedback issues throughout the meeting.

Approve Consent Agenda 4/0 00:06:39

Announce Appointment of Police Chief Joel Dolan 00:07:09

Municipal Services – Update on MS4 Audit w/speaker 00:19:26

EDAC to Present to Planning Board Town/Village 00:47:35

EDAC to Present to Planning Board Town/Village District Ordinance- Gene Bryant on Depot Overlay Ordinance got some push back from potential developers

Discuss School Donor Towns Coalition 01:47:19

Possible Joining Coalition of Various Communities Regarding Donor Towns and School Funding. Will ask School District their opinion on this issue.

Route 111/Ermer Road -No traffic light yet 01:59:31

Municipal Services – Discussion on Route 111/Ermer Road Intersection Studies show not enough traffic to merit a traffic light yet. Additional signage is possible.

Town Manager’s Report/Questions 02:20:32

Congrats DPW for receiving Asset Management Award Also an update on 2 Town Info Meetings 9am 1/30 & 2/6

Upcoming Meetings 02:26:29

Upcoming Meetings • February 1, 2021 (possible) • February 8, 2021 • February 22, 2021

Adjourn 02:29:08

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