Board of Selectmen

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Meeting Minutes- All Passed 00:01:55

4/5 Non Public 1st, 2nd & 3rd- 5/0 4/5 Interviews 5/0 Public Session 5/0

Consent Agenda-Approved 5/0 00:04:05

Proclamation – Armenian Day of Remembrance 00:04:26

Proclamation read in meeting

Finalize Appointments to Boards, Comms 5/0 00:12:17

SPD accept grant $9022 for radar 5/0 00:14:38

Police Department – Accept $9,022.50 Grant from NH Highway Safety Agency for Radar Enforcement Equipment for radar enforcement

Update on CART 00:17:56

Sewer Extension on Twinbrook Ave Approve 5/0 00:27:13

Sewer Extension on Twinbrook Avenue (12 homes)and Request Use of up to $190,000 in Sewer DBA - Off the table and approved 5/0

Accept $39,812 from APPA for Weed Control-Pass 5/0 00:35:41

Accept $39,812 Donation from Arlington Pond Protective Association for Treatment of Invasive Aquatic Weeds at Arlington Pond/Taylor Reservoir Pass 5/0

Accept $20,000 from DES for Asset Mgmt - Pass 5/0 00:41:47

Accept $20,000 Grant from NH Department of Environmental Services for Public Water Asset Management Project

Accept $3,587 Grant for Old Town Hall Pass 5/0 00:45:02

Accept $3,587.50 Grant from the NH Preservation Alliance for Historic Building Assessment of Old Town Hall

Boat Access to Canobie Lake in Salem 00:47:19

Possible location 1 Queen Ave not pursuing it yet, but a resident called and asked if money becomes available from the Canobie Lake Protective Assoc would Selectmen be open to it? The response was more favorable

Zion Hill Road Signs-Scenic road 01:05:24

Zion Hill Road Signs-Scenic road -In 1976 Article 23 designated it as a scenic road. Signs will ID it as such.

Depot Project Update 01:16:40

Update on Water Demand -In a drought already 01:21:44

TM to sign W Duston Rd sewer project -Pass 5/0 01:31:00

- Authorize Town Manager to Sign State Aid Grant Application for West Duston Road Sewer Project

Discussion - Attorney General’s Investigation 01:32:18

C Stacey to write letter to Attorney General or possibly visit them, approved 5/0

Discussion on Planning Board’s Actions 01:37:18

Discussion on Planning Board’s Actions regarding hearing the Chaser's plan

Town Manager’s Report & Questions from BOS 01:56:55

Bill Scott discusses opening the Ingram Senior Center and Everett talks about bills that passed at the State House that affect Salem i.e. electronib Budgets and line item descriptions Sheila Murray retires (40 yrs of service to Town) from Supervisor of the Checklist and Dan Breton retires from the SFD approx 50 yrs of service. Also looking into Town Hall opening up full days.

Upcoming Meetings 4/26• May 3, 2021 • May 17, 2021 02:17:26

Adjourn 02:18:05

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