Board of Selectmen 02/22/21

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Minutes Feb 8, 2021 Pass 4/0 00:01:17

Chairman Comments - Late Start sorry 00:01:39

Approve Consent Agenda Pass 4/0 00:02:00

Accept $3,700 in Highway Safety Grants Pass 4/0 00:02:27

Accept Donations $115 of Cash and Cards pass 4/0 00:04:40

Accept $1.3M for ITS - Pass 4/0 00:06:52

Community Development - Accept $1,268,140.80 in CMAQ Funds from NH Department of Transportation for ITS Project

CMAQ Phase 4&5 Rail Trail $845k Pass 4/0 00:10:17

- Accept $845,427.20 in CMAQ Funds from NH Department of Transportation for Phase IV and V of the Salem Bike-Ped Corridor Project

Discussion on 2021 Revaluation Process 00:12:40

Discussion on 2021 Revaluation Process

Revision-Capital Assets Policy 4/0 00:36:33

Discussion on Proposed Revision to Capital Assets Policy

Tuscan MOU- Master Plan 00:39:41

Update on Tuscan MOU and Conceptual Master Plan

Town Manager’s Report Annual Report at printer 01:22:13

Old Business 01:31:46

Cathy Stacey - Deadline of info going to boards should be adhered to

Public input - Senior Center Opening? Not yet 01:33:48

Also Boat Ramp question-many sites being reviewed. Also, need a delayed arrow at Ford/ Rite Aid intersection

School reaching out to legislators 01:40:43

Town to Direct staff to write letter to Reps and Senators to oppose any changes to school funding

Upcoming Meetings • March 1, 2021 • March 15, 2021 01:43:47

Adjourn 01:44:06

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