Board of Selectmen

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Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:40

Minutes May 3, 2021 Pass 5/0 00:02:07

Chairman Comments Meet in Person May 24 00:03:13

Voted for Senior Center Pass 5/0 Further review may change it to SHS Media Center. Also $31MIllion available for rental assistance contact welfare or Human Services. Community Services Director interviews starting to happen. $2.95M coming to Salem for infrastructure in 2 payments departments should say what they need.

Approve Consent Agenda Pass 5/0 00:12:01

Accept $400 from LCHIP for Town Forest Pass 5/0 00:12:28

Authorize Conservation Commission to Accept $400 from LCHIP for Monitoring Town Forest

Discussion on Easy CIP -Karri Makinen 00:14:40

Selectmen Rep to CIP M Lyons 5/0 00:29:45

Also needs Planning Board member, BudCom member, Finance and Public at large

Water Capital Improvements Pass 5/0 00:30:54

Water Capital Improvements for North Main Street and Atkinson Road Support Phase 1 Pass 5/0 Water on Main St Pass 5/0

Sidewalk Policies Keep BOS 2016 P4/0/1 00:39:36

Remove sidewalk, widen street & paint white lines Pass 4/0/1

Easement for 16 Garabedian Dr 01:23:40

Bill Scott- Approve Easement 5/0 Waive Payment 4/0/1

Discussion on 4th of July Activities 01:32:26

2 Options- Tabled to future meeting

Easement Request of Liberty Utilities Woodbury 01:45:12

Easement Request of Liberty Utilities Woodbury Pass 5/0

Water Demand Update- Tuscan Usage 01:45:35

Depot Project Update -Nov 30, 2021 02:09:05

Town Manager’s Report 02:15:33

Upcoming Meetings 02:25:17

Upcoming Meetings • May 24, 2021 (Goal Setting Workshop) • June 7, 2021 • June 21, 2021

Adjourn 02:26:19

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