Board of Selectmen 8/23/21

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Salem Board of Selectmen Meeting for 8/23/21


Meeting Minutes 00:00:55

Approve Consent Agenda 00:01:49

Chairman Comments 00:01:49

Senator Chuck Morse – Legislative Update 00:02:15

Conservation Commission - Edward Hawkins 00:16:24

Request Authorization to Accept $1,500 from Edward Hawkins

Conservation Commission - Goals 00:17:35

Conservation Commission – Discussion on Commission Goals

Police Department – Accept $500 Donation 00:36:19

Accept $500 Donation from Salem Lions Club for Summer Youth Program

Police Department - Lucas White 00:37:55

Police Department - Lucas White – Recognition by the American Legion as Police Officer of the Year

Canobie Lake Boat Ramp (Rescheduled to 9/13) 00:37:55

Discussion on Canobie Lake Boat Ramp (Rescheduled to September 13th)

Silver Brook Road Residents – Rescheduled to 9/13 00:37:55

Silver Brook Road Residents – Discussion on Speeding Traffic (Rescheduled to 9/13)

Community Development – Report from the CIP 00:46:54

Community Development – Report from the Capital Improvements Program Committee

Municipal Services - Water Capital Reserve Funds 01:01:20

Municipal Services - Request to Use an Amount Not to Exceed $40,000 in Water Capital Reserve Funds for Arlington Pond Valve Replacement

Municipal Services – Ermer Road/Route 111 01:03:53

Municipal Services – Update on Ermer Road/Route 111 Intersection

Municipal Services – Depot Project Update 01:05:55

Municipal Services – Depot Project Update

Review 2021/2022 Budget Calendar 01:13:48

Review 2021/2022 Budget Review/Town Meeting Calendar

Discussion on Intermunicipal Agreement w/ Windham 01:16:23

Discussion on Intermunicipal Agreement with Windham

Town Manager Contract Extension (Moved to 9/13) 01:16:23

Town Manager Contract Extension (Rescheduled to 9/13)

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from BOS 01:25:15

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from Board of Selectmen

Old Business/Tabled and Pending 01:29:45

Old Business/Tabled and Pending

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