Board of Selectmen 3/6/23

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3/6/2023 6:55:00 PM


Call to Order 00:00:01

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:08

Meeting Minutes 00:00:44

Chairman Comments - Mike Lyons Recognition 00:01:38

Approve Consent Agenda 00:03:53

Conservation Commission – Request Authorization to Purchase Property 00:04:09

a. 35 North Main Street (Map 67, Lot 1965) b. Therese Road (Map 83, Lot 3141), North Broadway (Map 83, Lot 3126)

Community Services Department 00:11:00

Request Use of $10,000 in Recreation Impact Fees for Bocce Ball Court and Horseshoe Pit at Senior Center

Announce Polling Hours and Assign Poll Checks for March 14th Election/ Ballot Voting 00:16:06

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from Board of Selectmen 00:17:54

Adjourn 00:22:19

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