Zoning Board of Adjustment 3/7/2023

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3/7/2023 12:00:00 AM


Call to Order 00:00:00

Review of Minutes 00:02:17

Petition #01 - 9 Centeral Street 00:03:43

Gralan Property Group, LLC, hereby requests an EQUITABLE WAIVER OF DIMENSIONAL REQUIREMENTS under the provisions of RSA: 674:33-a, from Article VII, Section 490-701C.(1)(d) and Article VII, Section 490-701C.(2)(a) to allow a parking lot with a width of 62.6 ft. and a setback of 4.4 ft., where a minimum width of 64 ft. (20 foot parking space length times two plus a 24 foot aisle) and a setback of 5 ft. is required in the Commercial Industrial C District. Grant 4/1

Petition #03 - 6 Green Acre Drive 00:26:18

Ronny & Patricia Haddad hereby request a VARIANCE from Article III, Section 409-301C (1), and ask that said terms of the Zoning Ordinance be waived to permit the construction of an addition to the existing dwelling. The addition will be 10.45 ft. from the left side property line, where a minimum 15 ft. side setback is required in the Residential District. Grant 5/0

Recess 00:37:46

Petition #02 - 21 Keewaydin Drive 00:41:04

Brooks Properties hereby requests a VARIANCE from Article VI, Section 490-702E (1)&(2), and asks that said terms of the Zoning Ordinance be waived to permit the addition of an electronic changeable copy sign to an existing freestanding sign to serve all the buildings within Brookside Park on Keewaydin Drive, where electronic changeable copy signs and off-site signs are prohibited in the Commercial-Industrial District. Continued 5/0

Adjourn 00:43:17

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