Town Council 9/11/23

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9/11/2023 12:00:00 AM


Call to Order 00:00:00

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:09

Meeting Minutes 00:02:19

(The Council will review and vote on the approval of meeting minutes.)

Interview Session – Economic Development Committee 00:03:37

(The Council will interview two candidates for three open positions on the Economic Development Committee)

Approve Consent Agenda 00:09:45

(The consent agenda is a list of documents signed by the Council as required. The Council approves the consent agenda at each Council meeting.)

Additions and/or Requests by Public or Council by Vote 00:10:02

Public Hearing - Municipal Services Department 00:10:13

Request from NH Department of Transportation - Notice of Discontinuance of Portions of NH Route 28 and Rockingham Park Boulevard (This is a required public hearing per RSA 230:56 & 231:9 regarding a request from NH DOT to discontinue a portion of Route 28 & Rockingham Park Boulevard and have Town assume ownership.)

Continued Discussion on Request by Town for Underground Utilities in Main Street and Pleasant Street Area 00:14:36

(The Council will further discuss the need for underground utilities in the Main Street/Pleasant Street areas to service the newly constructed affordable housing units. Liberty Utilities was invited to attend to further discuss the Town’s position on this matter.)

Community Development Department - Presentation on Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Signal Upgrade by Town Project Consultant VHB 00:32:21

(The Town’s consultant for ITS will make a presentation to the Council to update the Council on the status of the project.)

Public Hearing - Community Development Department - Accept $22,962.38 in Energy Efficiency Funds from Liberty Utilities for Street Light Conversion to LED – Final Phase 00:48:43

(This is a required public hearing per RSA 31:95(b) to accept $22,962.38 in energy efficiency funds relating to the final phase of the LED street light conversion project.)

Continued Discussion on Amendments to Bylaws for Communications Committee 00:54:02

(Communication Committee Chair Kelly Moss will review the proposed amendments of the bylaws and request the Council’s acceptance as amended.)

Departmental Updates - Community Development Department 00:57:18

(Crayton Brubaker, Community Development Program Manager, will provide an update of the Community Development Department.)

Community Development Department – Presentation and Discussion on Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Report 01:23:36

(Crayton Brubaker, Community Development Program Manager, will make a presentation to the Council on the 2024 Capital Improvement Plan.)

Assistant Town Manager - Discussion on Town Policies 01:41:16

(Assistant Town Manager Joe Devine will discuss the current policies under the purview of the Board of Selectmen (now Town Council). Policies were reformatted and amended to reflect a change from Board of Selectmen to Town Council.)

Consider Proposed Lease Agreement One-Year Lease Extension with State of New Hampshire for Use of 428 Sf of District Court House Space by the NH Department of Health and Human Services 01:43:50

The NH Department of Health and Human Services requests the Town renew their lease agreement for the use of 428 sf in office space at the District Court House.)

Town Manager’s Report/Questions from Town Council 01:51:14

Upcoming Meetings 02:05:32

• September 25, 2023 • October 2, 2023 (Regular Meeting) • October 11, 2023 (Budget Reviews – 6:30 p.m.) • October 12, 2023 (Budget Review – 6:30 p.m. • October 16, 2023 (Budget Votes/Regular Meeting – 6:30 p.m.)

Adjourn 02:06:10

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