Conservation Commission- 9/6/2023

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9/6/2023 12:00:00 AM


Call to Order 00:00:00

Pledge of Allegiance 00:00:11

Roll Call 00:00:34

New Business - Town of Salem, NH 00:01:39

Request to extend public water distribution system near Bluff Street and Zion Hill Road / Millville Street intersection resulting in temporary impact to approximately 600 sq. ft. of perennial stream area and 600 sq. ft of emergent wetlands. Approve with reommendation 4/0

New Business - Gove Environmental Services 00:18:27

Preliminary review and discussion of proposed project with potential wetland impact at 5 Manor Parkway.

Old Business - Meadow Glen Conservation Area Sign 00:40:50

Discussion of sign purchase for Meadow Glen conservation area. Tabled 4/0

Review of Minutes 00:59:17

Conservation Fund Report - Additional Funds 01:00:14

Approval of additional $2,546.50 for Zion Hill Road property purchase & additional $2,099.38 for the 35 North Main Street purchase Passed 4/0

Conservation Fund Report - Plexiglass Quote Discussion 01:05:00

Town Forest 01:07:02

Town Forrest - SELT Preliminary Report on June Town Forest Visit 01:14:56

Conservation Commission Goals 01:29:52

Police Station Tour Discussion 01:37:05

Adjourn 01:41:57

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