Board of Selectmen 01/28/19

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Minutes -some with amendments- Passed 00:00:55

Jan 7 & 14; Dec 10th 6pm; Dec 10th 6:44pm Passed

Minutes-unsealed,unredacted,release-Approved 00:03:48

Minutes-unsealed,unredacted,release-Approved 3/19/18; 4/9/18; 5/21/18; 11/19/18

Waste Management Contract -no action 00:05:18

Waste Management Contract will have to be discussed in a non-public session

Assign Warrant Articles-done by email 00:12:42

Assign Warrant Articles-done by email

Town Manager Report-Kelley Library 00:14:43

Town Manager Report - Kelley Library no power over weekend on generator by Monday 1/29/19. Expect amendment on Budget at Town Meeting to cover cost of new electrical system

Council on Aging & Future Ingram Senior Center 00:21:50

Linda Signone Co-Chair Council on Aging- The Future of Ingram Senior Center including their interim director Karen Bryant

Adjourn 00:34:12

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